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Stellar Blade: You Don’t Have To Pay To Unlock Extra Content

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  • In a Push Square interview, the Stellar Blade director revealed that players will be able to unlock all extra content by playing the game.
  • An in-game cash shop exists for those without any time to invest but microtransactions are not enforced.
  • Speaking to GamesRadar+, Kim explained why special attention was given to the main lead’s rear side.

Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung Tae has revealed some great news for players in a recent Push Square interview. The upcoming adventure will allow you to unlock all extra content such as hairstyles, accessories, and costumes by simply playing the game.

Stellar Blade will allow players to unlock all extra content by playing the game. Microtransactions aren't enforced.
Stellar Blade will allow players to unlock all extra content by playing the game. Microtransactions aren’t enforced.

Stellar Blade itself is no slouch either, featuring a 25-hour main campaign and an astronomical 50 hours of side activities. As revealed in the past, you’ll take control of Eve, humanity’s last beacon of hope against the alien Naytiba threat, assisting the remnants of Earth in their reclamation efforts.

Moving on, the director also talked about the main lead of the game. Speaking to GamesRadar+, he explained how the dev team gave “special attention” to the reverse side of Eve. ShiftUp, the devs of Stellar Blade, is also known for the popular gacha game—Goddess of Victory: Nikke. Kim went on to explain the reasoning behind the extra effort, stating that the backside of a character is what they see when playing the game.

When it comes to the design, we put special attention on the back of the character because the player is always facing the back of the character when they’re playing. That’s what they see the most of, so we thought this was pretty important.”

Reflecting on the current cultural state surrounding the beautification of characters in games and other fictional media at large, Kim said, “I personally think that compared to movies, animations, manga, and so on, people are especially strict towards games. In games, there are all the views that people have [which are] not always positive about unrealistically beautiful characters.”

Honestly, when I play a game I would like to see someone who is better-looking than myself. That’s what I want. I don’t want to see something normal; I want to see something more ideal. I think that is very important in a form of entertainment. This is, after all, entertainment targeted for adults.”

Talking about what ideal design is for him, Kim explained that being able to show one’s own charm and attractiveness without compromising on a game’s setting or narrative is what it’s all about for a character.

Stellar Blade arrives on April 26, 2024, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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