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You’ll Need 35 GB Minimum Storage Capacity To Play Stellar Blade

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  • ShiftUp’s latest project will require a minimum of 35 GB storage capacity.
  • The information comes from the back of the game’s physical package.
  • Developers have revealed that players will be able to unlock all content by playing & that the main campaign is around 25 hours long.

Stellar Blade is getting closer to release with every passing day and we now have a rough idea about how much storage space it’s gonna hog. The minimum capacity required is 35 GB which is fairly manageable all things considered. In a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Genki shared the information that they acquired directly from the back of the game’s boxed edition.

According to Genki, the package reads “more than 35 GB” free storage capacity. This indicates that the game may or may not require more space than the specified minimum requirements. Having said that, it’s still relatively manageable given the size of contemporary titles such as the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth which demands a whopping 145 GB.

Considering the possibility of content updates and patches down the road, Stellar Blade is sure to have a larger requirement than the stated minimum. Though it seems to have a smaller threshold in the grand scheme of things.

Stellar Blade will require a minimum of 35 GB storage capacity.
Stellar Blade will require a minimum of 35 GB storage capacity.

On the other hand, we have information on how long players can expect it’ll take for them to go through the main story. In a recent interview, ShiftUp confirmed that Stellar Blade will have a main campaign that’s around 25 hours.

Stellar Blade is set for launch on April 26, 2024, exclusively for the PlayStation 5. It was first revealed a few years back as simple Project Eve has since picked up steam. Earlier this year, it was rated 18+ in Korea due to nudity and excessive violence.

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