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84% Of Prospective Stellar Blade Players In The US Are Male, Analyst Reveals

According to stats shared by analyst Matt Piscatella, a significant gender disparity exists among prospective players of Stellar Blade in the United States.

The data indicates that 84% of those in the US who currently intend to purchase Stellar Blade identify as male.

This finding aligns with the title’s marketing, which leans heavily on action-oriented visuals and themes. The report further reveals that 69% of potential US players fall within the 30-44 age range, suggesting a focus on a more established gaming demographic.

Interestingly, the data shows a strong overlap between Stellar Blade and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. 58% of those intending to buy the upcoming title have also purchased Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy title, hinting at a potential shared audience interest in character-driven action RPGs.

The report also sheds light on preferred media consumption habits among potential players. A staggering 95% utilize YouTube, suggesting a strong reliance on video content for game discovery and information. Additionally, 74% reported using the website where the data was revealed, highlighting the potential effectiveness of targeted online advertising.

Stellar Blade
Eve from Stellar Blade

It’s important to note that this data represents a specific region (US) and may not reflect global trends. Additionally, pre-release intentions may not always translate to actual sales figures.

Nevertheless, this information offers valuable insights into the potential player base for ShiftUp’s upcoming title clearly indicating the kind of characters audiences are interested in.

Stellar Blade makes landfall exclusively on the PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024.

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