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FF7 Rebirth: UK Physical Launch Sales Down By 30% Compared To Remake

Early data from the UK market suggests that physical sales of FF7 Rebirth during its launch week fell short of its predecessor, the 2020 remake, by nearly 30%.

This information, gleaned from GFK data, was shared by GamesIndustry head Christopher Dring on Twitter.

Both titles received positive critical reception, prompting speculation as to the reason for the significant sales disparity. Dring offers one potential explanation: the COVID-19 pandemic. The remake launched at the height of lockdowns, inflating physical sales figures. However, with restrictions largely lifted and the industry settling back into a new normal, this advantage has vanished.

The rise of digital game sales in recent years could also be a contributing factor to the near 30% decline. Additionally, the larger PlayStation 4 install base at the time of the remake’s release may have influenced its physical sales performance. It’s also important to note that this data only reflects the UK market, and FF7 Rebirth‘s physical sales in other regions could be stronger.

Furthermore, overall sales figures remain incomplete. Digital sales data, expected later this week, could paint a different picture. Despite the lower physical sales compared to the remake, FF7 Rebirth remains a prominent release in 2024, receiving critical acclaim and generating significant interest among players.

FF7 Rebirth launched on February 29, 2024, as a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5. It sits on Metacritic with a score of 92 with zero negative critic verdicts.

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